The Best 3 Off-Road Driving Locations

Matthew Piell
3 min readMay 10


You’re going to adore these places if off-road driving is your thing. These locations are sure to delight you whether you’re climbing backcountry slopes in Colorado or tackling the Moab Slickrock! Moab is a haven for off-roading with a combination of roads and trails. Slickrock trails like Poison Spider Mesa, which feels like they were made for off-road vehicles, are popular with tourists.

Death Valley’s sand dunes, ghost towns, and lonely canyons are calling, whether you’re an international visitor on a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a group of friends traveling in vintage automobiles, or a couple looking to get away from it all. However, driving is the greatest way to view this National Park, and you’ll need a high-clearance vehicle with better tires for that.

The Badwater Basin, a panorama of crinkly salt flats at 282 feet below sea level, is the centerpiece. Then, for breathtaking views, visit Zabriskie Point, Artist’s Drive, Mesquite Flat, and Dantes View.

Other notables include Titus Canyon, where a one-way car path takes you through a small canyon, and Rhyolite Ghost Town, where a bank, school, and jail were constructed into the side of a hill. The Racetrack, a dried lakebed where boulders appear to move on their own, is also not to be missed.

This trail is for you if you have a high-performance 4x4 with lots of horsepowers and a suspension designed for climbing. Hardcore off-roaders dream of and plan to drive the Rubicon for months or years because of its notoriety.

The Devil’s Postpile, a 50-yard-long rocky pathway, the Little and Big Sluices, with their winding, narrow trails bordered by boulders that frequently damage vehicles. And Cadillac Hill, an uphill climb over loose rocks that calls for dexterous turning, is a few notable challenges on the trail.

Check out Nauset Beach in New England if you want to go off-roading in a more family-friendly environment. This beach allows 4x4s on its sand dunes. The beach is surrounded by forested hills and old Civil War fighting sites.

Another great place to do off-road driving is in the Sahara, one of the biggest deserts on the planet. Although the oppressive heat and hostile landscape can be difficult, it can also be an extraordinary experience. Few people ever forget camping under the starry Saharan sky during a gorgeous Saharan moon.

With 500 miles of Hatfield and McCoy trails and forested hills, West Virginia is a place that was built for off-roading. A little to the north of the state capital in Capon Bride is the Chaos Offroad Park, which has ledges and hill climbs that make you feel like you’re skating on four wheels.

A playground made specifically for 4x4s, The Swamp Offroad Park is located close to Ocala, Florida. Drivers of all skill levels will enjoy the thrills provided by the deep pits and muddy ditches here.

Namibia is the perfect place for off-roading because of its untamed beauty and difficult terrain. It provides many opportunities to put your off-roading talents to the test with its deserts and sand dunes. There is also a ton of wildlife to witness, from camels grazing on salt flats to wild horses galloping in the vast meadows. Are you prepared to travel in your all-wheel-drive SUV? Start preparing for your upcoming excursion by looking through our inventory of 4x4s for sale.

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan sometimes referred to as “the UP,” has long been the top destination for snowmobilers because of its limitless trail system and diverse topography. In fact, the area took first place in a recent poll by Snow Goer Magazine.

The UP was just named the best place for a weekend escape by The New York Times. A full weekend is insufficient, according to the paper’s deputy travel editor Steve Reddicliffe, to truly appreciate this isolated area that is cut off from Lake Superior as well as its nearby neighbors, Canada and Wisconsin.

Numerous lighthouses, attractive medieval mining towns, and rocky mountains may all be found in the area. Additionally, if you’re up for a challenge, head to the Chaos Offroad Park in Capon Bride, where you may take on ledges and enormous boulders on level five-rated routes.



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